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9-1-1 “Worst Day Ever”

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“Worst Day Ever” is the emotional packed fourth episode of FOX’s 9-1-1.  The episode opens with various passengers on a plane returning home. Two of the passengers sneak away to join the mile-high club while another pair of passengers, a mother & son are enjoying some quality time together. Moments, every flyer’s worst feat happens, the descent into a crash! Breaking the show’s usual routine, we hear a different operator taking the phone call as opposed to Abby (Connie Britton).

The episode then cuts back to eight hours before last week’s coda, where Athena (Angela Bassett) had tracked the school bullies who had picked on her daughter’s. Athena handles the situation as a mother first and a cop second.  I’ve always been a fan of Bassett, but she brings her A-game to the role of Athena. It was a joy to see Angela put the lead mean girl in her place.

Naturally the girl’s parents come to the police station and attempt to flex some muscle and scary Athena, but she keeps her calm demeanor. Before things can escalate, all the cops are called to assist with the plane crash. Meanwhile, the firefighting team led by Bobby (Peter Krause) have some downtime at the station. Bobby is writing in a notebook and Buck’s inquisitive nature gets him in trouble when he questions it. Once again before a situation can escalate the team races to help the survivors of the deadly plane crash;

We finally get to Abby in action, when she receives a phone call from a passenger on the plane that’s going down. The gentleman isn’t hopeful he’s going to live and wants Abby to deliver a message to his pregnant wife. The writing is those three minutes is some of the show this season, and I found myself getting choked up during this scene. Abby reaches out to Buck, for help and Buck breaks, the news to her that the gentleman did indeed die. Abby then has a heartfelt moment with the widow and once again I teared up.

Meanwhile, Athena is in superwoman mode at the airport and continues to show that she plays no games. She handles a situation with unruly airport security guard like a boss!   Bobby and his team manage to save many of the passengers from the plane, and the show finally delivers what I’ve been waiting for…. Peter Krause not being wasted. The writers finally start to peel away at Bobby’s layers and sadly get to see him fall off the wagon. There’s also flashbacks of his family, who have yet to make an appearance.

“Worst Day Ever” ends with the three core leads all in some peril. Athena is facing reprimand for standing up for her daughter, Bobby’s fallen off the wagon, and Abby’s mom disappears. 9-1-1 continues to get stronger as the week progress, and I anxiously await Episode 5.

Final Grade: B+