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“Point of Origin” Unfolds Multi Story-lines

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For episode five of 9-1-1, “Point of Origin”, the writers’ focus on character’s background stories  gave me moments I’ve been waiting for since the series began.

During 9-1-1‘s previous episode, “Worst Day Ever” an incident left Athena (Angela Bassett) on desk duty and Abby’s (Connie Britton) mom went missing. That episode suggested soon we would learn why Bobby (Peter Krause) was so serious and closed off.

In my previous reviews, I’ve mentioned characters Bobby and Hen (Aisha Hinds) were underwritten.  In “Point of Origin”, Bobby and Hen are given some spotlight. Bobby’s past is revealed. His substance abuse resulted in a tragedy to his family. When Bobby confides in a priest, Krause demonstrates some of his best acting since the show started.

Meanwhile, we learn that Hen, much to the anger to her wife, is seriously considering testifying for an ex’s upcoming parole hearing.  I have a feeling the writers are leaning towards a story-line for Hen in the coming weeks.

The moment fans have been waiting for arrives when Abby reaches out to Buck (Oliver Stark) for help, and they meet in person. The scenes between Buck and Abby are genuine and heartfelt. Kudos to the writers for not trying to force their relationship, despite red herrings, that’s where they’re headed. Out of his respect for Abby, Buck has already turned her down once. I’m hoping the writers will slowly develop their relationship.

Thankfully, Abby’s mother is found. Abby meets Athena for the first time. Athena— the dominant force in every episode this season — doesn’t have many scenes. I give credit to the writers for giving Athena a break this episode. The brief interaction between Britton and Bassett was great. Hopefully, we get to see more of those two on screen together in future episodes.

As for the 911 calls, they weren’t as exciting this episode. One involved a car wash accident, which came across as more humorous than scary. The other call was an incident during an Indian wedding.

“Point of Origin” continues the tone set by show runner Ryan Murphy, who successfully juggles real life situations with human emotions.

Final Grade:  B+