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9-1-1 “Full Moon (Creepy AF)”

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Episode seven of the hit FOX series 9-1-1 titled is “Full Moon (Creepy AF)” is about an accurate as a title you can get with all the craziness that transpired over sixty minutes. Opening with a chilling voiceover from Hen (Aisha Hinds) on a beach, the episode cuts back to twenty-four hours earlier.

Buck (Oliver Stark), Hen and Athena (Angela Basset) all believe that any time there’s a full moon, it’s going to be a crazy night, Abby (Connie Britton) on the other hand doesn’t buy into this myth.   Abby’s mind seems to change when she gets her first call of the night is an older woman, Nora, who has a panic attack when she sees a man outside just staring at her. Hen, Athena, and Chimney get to the house, but there’s no sign of a man outside. As Chimney calms the woman down, Hen realizes the woman saw the reflection of a man inside the house – as she found footprints.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Bobby (Peter Krause) and Buck also have their share of crazy calls. The first being a yoga class full of pregnant women. Buck being the player he once was, is naturally able to calm the women down while Bobby uses his skills to deliver the babies. The dynamic duo’s second call involves a gay couple who seem to love sushi. One of the men has been complaining about severe stomach cramps, turns out he has a tapeworm, and after seeing the visual, I can proudly say that I’ll never eat sushi.

Hen, Athena, and Chimney respond to another call involving a drunken man who is eating a victim’s face in a public park. Athena is forced to kill him, which results in her, being placed on desk duty for the rest of the night. As always, Angela Bassett handles her scene with class and she never seems to crack under pressure.

Abby’s second call of the night involves in a break in that ends in a tragedy. Abby can’t seem to shake the call and turns to Athena for help, and it turns out both of her calls are connected. I enjoyed how the writers connected the two calls, and I also enjoyed seeing the teamwork of Abby & Athena.

After all of the crazy of the night, the moment that fans have been waiting for finally comes into play, the hook up between Abby & Buck. It’s handled with class and charm, and I’m hoping the writers build on this relationship.

The highlight of the episode for me had to be Hen. I’ve been waiting for a while to see Hen’s story come into the forefront and this episode finally delivered the goods. A few episodes back, Hen was conflicted about vouching for her ex Eva at a parole hearing. While Hen didn’t vouch for her ex, Eva ended up being released anyway. Hen ends up cheating on her spouse, and the episode closes out where it began. I’m looking forward to seeing this takes her character.

9-1-1- continues to strive with likable characters and believable scenarios. Now that all of our characters have been given a backstory and started to share scenes together its must-see TV for me.

Final Grade B+