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9-1-1 “A Whole New You”

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FOX’s winter hit 9-1-1- closes out its freshmen season with the episode “A Whole New You.” Picking up where the last episode ended, Abby is beginning the process of grieving after losing her mother. Connie Britton was great in this episode and honestly showed her range. Through the season we’ve come to know Abby as a caretaker and 9-1-1 operator, but who is Abby without her mother?

Credit must go to the writers for exploring this angle I enjoyed seeing Abby, going through her mother’s things as well, seeing Abby discover her mom’s passport. On a whim to rediscover herself, Abby decides to go to Ireland. It will be interesting to see where how her departure works out, now that she seems to be in a serious relationship with Buck.

One of the first 9-1-1 calls involved a feuding couple. The wife appears to be speaking with a British accent, and her husband thinks she is going crazy. Athena (Angela Bassett) responds to the call, and the wife lets Athena she has a migraine as well as the hiccups. Athena realizes the women is having a stroke. I didn’t see that angle coming at all, but credit to the writers for making it believable.

The second call involves Bobby (Peter Krause) who has decided to jump into the world of online dating. His team is happy to see their Boss dating, again but a call involving a motorcycle accident changes things. A man has just purchased a motorcycle and is excited to show his son. However, the man becomes distracted attempting to impress a female driver. He ends up running into a truck, and the impact cuts him in half. It was a gut-wrenching moment to watch.

Bobby is an emotional wreck after seeing the accident, but he ends up being comforted by Athena who ends up taking him to church, where she prays for him. Before the episode closes Bobby & Athena end up on a dinner date. I was surprised and pleased by this angle, as Bobby needs a new love interest.

The storyline for Hen (Aisha Hinds) & Chimney (Kenneth Choi) revolves around a man who suffers from narcolepsy with cataplexy. In a nutshell, the man is declared dead by accident but doesn’t report it because how understands how precious life is. This revelation inspires Hen to make things right with her wife which she does.

Buck’s (Oliver Stark) secondary storyline involves a man who has been using Buck’s picture to catfish women. The catfish has been affecting Buck’s relationship with Abby, so Buck decides to get to the bottom of it. Buck has grown into a character I’ve enjoyed watching over the course of the season, and his handling of the “catfish situation” was condemnable.

9-1-1’s first season closes out strong. While the show could have taken the route of focusing solely on the 9-1-1 calls, I’m glad that I’ve come to understand all of the character’s motives. I will be back for Season 2.

Final Grade: B+