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300: Rise of an Empire

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300 rise of an empire

The stage is set for a new battle in the new film “300: Rise of an Empire.”  In this enchanting sequel, composer Junkie XL picks up where King Leonidas left off with his amazing score. Each track expresses the action of the film and will make you feel as if you are witnessing the battle. You should adjust your volume right about now.

We begin this awesome journey with the first track, “History of Artemisia,” which starts out softly, with the low horns and the wind instruments slowly leading into the powerful resonance of drums. “Marathon” rushes in with a cacophony of drums that seem to go head to head with the horns. “From Man to God King” has soulful vocals, low horns and thunderous drums that will shock the listener. “Sparta” has strong, ghostly voices and commanding drums that will have you standing to your feet.

“Artemisia’s Childhood” is a beautiful melody that starts out softly, leading into an orchestral army of drums and horns, making it both a sweet yet violent theme. “Suicide” is a depressing piece that hurries itself through the track and doesn’t give us a chance to feel its mournful impact. “Left for Dead” is practically silent for half of the track. “Fog Battle” is ethereal in the beginning, but the vocals and hard drums will make your heart race with terror.

The melancholy soloist and sorrowful instruments in “A Beach of Bodies” may bring tears to your eyes. “Fire Battle” is indeed a fiery one with the strings and vocals battling the drums in a grand display of epic proportions. The vocals and sitars in “Xerxes’ Thoughts” will have you feeling as if you were lost in a fog. “Queen Gorgo” is a relaxing and calm track, leaving you with a sense of peace and serenity.

“Greeks on Attack” is a rush of adrenaline that stimulates the audience. “History of the Greeks” is a beautiful song with the strings and deep horns making it sound majestic. The deafening drums and forceful horns make “Greeks are Winning” an exceptional  track. “End Credits” rock and instrumental, making this an awesome ending for this soundtrack.

This soundtrack is completely breathtaking. If you were looking for something thrilling and daring, you have chosen the perfect soundtrack. This album is absolutely exhilarating and will leave you wanting more.

Final Grade: A

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