The Claytons Opens Up to Being Thrifty

8 min 11 mths

On this edition of THE INTERVUE, have you ever wondered of the thrifty life? Well, the people at TLC has a new show that explore the life called So Freakin’ Cheap that every on Mondays at 10pm EST. I recently sat down with the Clayton Family, Angela and Tony. Tony and Angela Clayton are at odds over Tony’s extreme cheapskate ways. A stay-at-home dad, Tony prides himself on spending next to nothing for cleaning products and household utilities, using such innovative techniques as making his own cleaning solution out of urine, making a DIY bidet to save on toilet paper and running an extension cord to the neighbor’s house to save on electricity bills. While 17-year-old daughter Cierra is stuck in the middle and too embarrassed by her father’s frugal ways to invite her friends over to their home, Angela works hard as the sole breadwinner and would like to spend money on nice and even necessary things, like a new car. But, having put his wife and daughter on a coin allowance after their spending got out of control by his standards, the cost of such a huge expense for Tony creates friction in their relationship and household.

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